Dec 31, 2008

Teachers Shouldn't act like they are some kinda BIG FUCK(s)

UPDATE: Mr G has resumed to be being a teacher who puts in effort to make lessons more interesting. I'm glad. :)

Teachers, meaning lecturers too. I'm in a tertiary institution, a prospective media practitioner. Recently I got this part time lecturer who teaches us night classes. I like him. I think he's a nice person outside of school.

Students Msn-ing during Lessons, Teachers walk out of class
My classmates are a complacent bunch, who will msn during lessons. So far 2 teachers have walked out of our lessons on a few occasions, because "we weren't interested".
2 teachers, including this part time lecturer.

Call him Mr.G.

Walking out of class is a form of Control, but sometimes teachers over-do it
I'm okay with teachers walking out of class. Really, because we deserve it. If teachers don't show a bit of attitude, the students won't sit up and start paying attention.

But yesterday, Mr. G crossed the line IMO. I didn't like how Mr.G. conducted himself and the way he dealt with the talkative lot of students.

An almost accurate Re-enactment(this was roughly what I heard him say)

Mr G's handphone rang during lesson
In the middle of explaining the powerpoint slides, Mr G.'s handphone rang. he picked up and chit chatted for a few minutes.

"Omg, we pay school fees for him to talk on his phone during lessons meh??!!!"
"Ya lor !!!"

-mumblings from 2 girls sitting behind me.

Phone call ended. He went back to teaching. Didn't say sorry or anything.
This happens almost every other lesson. And one time when I was giving him my presentation. And I'm very interesting one okay ??? Got time limit one leh!

Students' jokes and teases
"Mr G! Your wife ah??!!!"...."News for you, she's pregnant"...*laughters*

Mr G recently got married.

He then dished some relationship advices to us teenagers.

Cute Lecturer^^. Not bad...Not bad... Lols!

(Quotes) Mr G : " Sex! Sex! Sex!, if i tell u I don't have sex, will you all believe me?"(makes a face)


One thing led to another...

Mr G. Starts to get annoyed
(*chatters* students chatting while lecture was ongoing)

Mr.G: Hey ppl, u all really not interested I can just end lesson now you know? U all play msn I close one eye alrd, and now this (blah blah blah...)

*silence across the room*approx 2 secs

Mr.G: Okay loh, we can end this. 12 more slides, and I'll just skip and we end class. It's gonna come out in exams, so you all pasar(translation:lose out? )

*silence across the room* approx 1 sec

Mr G Loses it
,Threatens students

Mr G. arranged something on his desk. After that he started speaking again.

Mr.G: This year , I'm not gonna give any exam tips to THIS batch. And I'd be very strict when marking your exam papers.

Yes IM THE ONE MARKING! And There shall be alot of failures then...

*Silence across the room* 1 sec

Mr G : I've always been the Santa Claus for the past 3 batches, i'm not gonna continue for this batch. I've had it!

(tip: lose some weight loh... then u will not be Santa Claus alrd. Fat people all look a bit like Santa Claus)

Mr.G Says He's Very Rich, No Need This Teaching Job
Mr G: Lemme tell u I don't fucking need this job okay!
I got a few Million dollar deals with clients later on... I don't need to teach here okay! I don't need this money! I have enough of it.

For once I thought he sounded like one of those lao uncles who like to brag about their wealth at coffee shops.

*eyes rolling*

Ok, ok I geddit!!! U are rich. U don't need this job. So u can make us all fail, and it wont be your business. Because even if you get sacked, you still have a career outside.

(to those people who dunno, I'm using sarcasm hor... lols, sry if i insult your intelligence, but come ppl abit slow lah..)

Lesson resumed...(Got one time he really ended the lesson and walked out of the lecture, if I remembered correctly)

In all Fairness...
I think Mr.G is just using reverse psychology to tame this class. I understand that.
but hello?? this isn't a freaking PRISON.

And I don't think it will work loh... U tell me we students will listen meh??

Half of us prolly hated Mr G for a moment because he threatened to not tell us exam tips. And raise failure rates by vowing to mark very strictly.

This isn't against the school rules (for teachers) but it's a very poor display of people management.

Teachers should NOT put their student's academic performance in jeopardy, even if it's just an empty threat for control.

We ll see if his "tantrums" worked out. Exams in Mid February.
5-6 more weeks of him.

Mr G, if you are reading this...

Mr.G, if you are reading this, please do know it is nothing personal. Just an honest opinion. Tell me if I've misreported anything here.

To School and Mr.G: No court cases huh!!! This is the truth and only the truth. An honest reflection.

I don't mind getting into a Part-time lecturer's bad books anyway. I don't suck up.

p.s. I don't need this module's grade.
And no matter how strictly a teacher mark, i ll still do okay because I'm kinda good at these tests lah:)

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! :) <----fake smiley, I'm not smiling when I type this

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Anonymous said...

I Agree. This lecturer has raised questions of qualification in me, and i have no faith in him leading the class. he is immature and takes on a holier-than-thou attitude that is no fair to us as students at all.

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