Jan 6, 2009


On MSN!!! How Invasive can these stupid poly ads get? Yesterday, while i was on MSN, my mouse accidentally hover past the ad space @ the bottom of the MSN window. Then a 'Republic Poly Open House' ad freaking popped up and won't go away ! My computer couldn't work AT ALL with the Ad flashing. Can't chat, cant get rid of the pop up either !!!


ok, i rarely say this... but anyway: FUCK U (x10) NBCBNBCBNBCBNBCBNBCB!!!!!

"Paint your future @ RP"... Oh really... I think people go to RP only when all the other Polys don't want them. It's a freaking dubious Polytechnic(I think). I fear for the future of the students there. I said 'I think' so RP can't sue me :p

"Paint your Future"...


More of Spend your future AS PAINTERS bah...

ok im only joking. R-Pees can get all mad @ me. I don't care.

In all fairness, all Polys are equal. It all boils down to your GPA.

For a fact, RP has Freah graduates as lecturers. Very Inexperienced.

So if I were you, i won't go to it's Open House.

Why not go SP,NYP,TP,NP etc...

All polys have those pop up ads too. Equally irritating. And I'm helping them publicise by bitching and moaning about their ads. Just what they want.

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Anonymous said...

You got it all wrong. RP do not have inexperienced staff nor is it a "dubious" polytechnic. First of all, although it is true that students who are not scoring good O level results enter the poly, they eventually graduate better than they first enroll into the poly. In fact, there are many things RP value adds to her students. Trust me, just visit its website www.rp.sg to find out more. You will be amazed by the committed staff and energetic students who are motivated to do even better than their peers from other polys. So don't look down on RP students and its graduates. They are also get into local and foreign universities too. And companies prefer to hire people who can contribute to their projects.

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