Jan 2, 2009

Spotted:Gay Couple smooching in AMK hub toilet *Pics*

My BEST FREN and I went to catch Ip Man(review next post!) @ AMk Hub this evening. Yeah, best friends. We are so close we look rather gay together.(6 years of friendship)
But today, we ran into a REAL homosexual couple.

Disclaimer: Gays rock, I love gays

Alrite, now I can talk about what we saw w/o prejudice...

Acc. to MJ(my fren), the couple was peeing side by side and checking each other out. When one of them was done, he touched the other guy's bum as he was peeing.

MJ and I ran into the homo couple again, @ Toast box. They sat right in front of us.

"Sheep attracts sheeps" huh... tts why we kip running in2 each other.

Nah jk, me and MJ aren't gays, we are just guai(well behaved) kia - dorks.

They went shopping @ Watson's! Lols!!! Check out the blue-green Watson's shopping bag.

VC: I know why they go Watson's already!
MJ: ???
VC: Buy the wash ass solution one loh...*Laughs*
MJ: ...

p.s. I'm not a homophobic person, but gay behavior intrigue me so much that I have to blog about it. I rarely see the gay side of Singapore.

Some more Sg media censors gay themes...


Come to sgvicouscyle.blogspot more often!

Enjoy Internet freedom with ME !!!!

With that, I'd like to say Gd night to my few readers !

Enjoy ya weekends :)

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1 comment:

Horizon said...

Me and my best friend looks gay too. But we've been best friends 12 years already. :)

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