Feb 9, 2009

Got 127 pongs, 1000+ reads to my blog posts yesterday...

Because ALL 5 of my posts made it to Top of Ping.sg.

What I Blogged About

I'm sure most of you know, out of the 5 posts...
3 are about Sex,
2 about Blogging/Religion.

Cheap way to get ponged. But no porn k!!! Anyway sex sells.

The posts claimed positions #1,#2,#3,#7&8.

127 pongs in total.

What they felt about it...

At one point, I got like 14 simultaneous visitors on my blog, a feat for a crappy blogger like me.

Why All of these are useless
None of those 5 posts I made are quality posts. They are rather retarded. Hence, I got very little comments,and people most likely won't return.


My impressives stats for yesterday:

Sitemeter, Includes today's(half day) stats too.

Yesterday: 979 page loads , 468 visits.

Today's at the time of posting, 2.37pm, I've already got 504 page views. Not bad...

To keep the momentum going, I will post 2 or 3 more quality posts. I'll try to use less of sex related stuff...

oh and comment please. i ll be happy if there's only one comment. Sick of having so little comments.

Everyone hates me.

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