Mar 13, 2009

GUIDE: Pingsters Whose Posts Aren't Pinging

To Pingsters whose posts aren't pinging, here's something you can try to resolve the issue.

What could be the Problem
#1) Those whose posts can't ping on, you may be using FeedBurner. Sometimes, Feedburner won't update it's feeds for A FEW DAYS. It's crappy like that.

When that happens, you can temporarily change your Feed URL on your Ping "My Blogs" page to the default Atom Feed URL instead of the Feedburner Feed URL.

#2) If you aren't using FeedBurner, but yet still can't ping properly, you may have not keyed in your Feed Url properly. Follow the steps below to get your correct feed url.

The fastest & most reliable Feed Url to use for is your default(Atom) Feed Url.

(What is Your default Atom Feed URL)

1) Go to the bottom of your page and click on "Subscribe to Post (Atom)"

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It should lead you to the default Atom Feed Page.

2)Copy the url on the address bar.

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If clicking on"Subscribe to Post(Atom)" leads you to your FeedBurner page instead, go to your "Site Feed" tab under "Settings" of your blog, and make sure your "Post Feed Redirect URL" tab is empty (for the time being).

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Save Changes, go back to your blog and click on the "Subscribe to Post(Atom)" again. It should take you to your default Atom Feed page now.

3) Edit the 'Feed URL' bar on your Ping "My Blogs" page. Paste in the Default Atom Feed Url and Save.

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Make a new post and ping. Your post should be pinged within a few seconds.


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Haro Genki said...

Normally i go over to a feedburner page to update as soon as i have any new posts.

You can do a straight ping here

AndyViciousCycle said...


sometimes even that doesnt work

Anonymous said...

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