Apr 23, 2009

American Idol Spoilers (The Top 5)

Blogging from Singapore, where we will only receive the delayed telecast of American Idol s08e32 later tonight. Read on if you don't mind spoilers. I know many are downloading the torrent already.

Who were eliminated
Lil Rounds & Anoop Desai

I like Lil rounds but don't care much about Anoop.

Matt stayed alive.
Allison was in the bottom 3, which means she was nearly out.

I think the guys did much better than the girls this year. They are more unique.

Lil rounds is just a Mary J Blige copycat, and we have already heard singers who sound like Allison.

But there are guys this year who aren't really that original either.

Matt sounds really generic, so does Anoop. Kris just get on by with his looks. If you listen intently, his vocals are really just normal. Nice but nothing special.

Adam is the clear winner if you're talking about originality. No one can screech the way he does. Who the hell could sing such high notes without falsetto?

Danny is a decent singer, and sometimes he sounds really good. But still, he bores me and annoy many others with his alleged milking of his dead wife. They are calling Danny Deadwife on the Internet forums.

So my prediction, like many others, is that Adam Lambert will be this season's American Idol.

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