Jul 25, 2009

Bad Customers Fuck Off

Am so glad that I will soon be done with my part time stint @ the 2-month SingTel Hi Card Roadshow.

The job is so boring I would rather watch flies fuck.

But it pays well for student and has weekly cash pay so I don't really mind.

Part time jobs are the best time to act like a prick because you don't need the job.

Just yesterday, while serving a customer, the customer next in line (cut queue?) placed his phone on the table and demanded that he be served quick.

This dirty, upkempt, disgusting shithole of a man bellowed "HELLO! FASTER!" and pointed to the phone he placed on the table.

Can't this fucking retard see that I'm serving the customer before him?

Enraged, I shouted back: " EH! I'm serving him first! YOU WANT FASTER, GO HOME! Don't have to take your free gift (free Hi-card)."

That fucker was stunned and mumbled something like how could I talk to him like that. Haha! such a spectacle, so many people watching.

Like I care. He won't be not getting what he wanted. I purposely made him wait even longer. And it was already 8.05 pm. I close shop at 8pm.

Should have closed my booth when it's his turn.

"Sorry, closed already."


Don't ever get served by me.

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Viya said...

yeah! do this when u still can :P

Kellaw said...

well you dont need the job that badly anyway. its good that you teach them some manners. hahaha

Ginny said...

i want to thank you for making my wait til weds 3am less sleepy and for cracking me up post after post imma gonna subscribe if its alright with you and here's wishing u do graduate school in columbia or something. v cool.

Anonymous said...

Good on you! Hate bastards like that guy.

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