Sep 1, 2009

Ris Low's English Isn't THAT Bad

All Ah Lians speak like that what? Better to have this 19-year-old win than the plastic with better English from Miss SG Universe.

Watch her video below and see for yourself. (There's a short razortv advert before the clip plays)

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Anonymous said...

yes it is, i don't see why she won. if it was just an everyday singaporean, i wldn't care but as someone representing singapore, we need to show the world singapore is well advanced and speaks good english, because many many coutries think singapore can't speak english. so by sending her to represent us, it proves their doubts so much more.

G0n9 G0n9 said...
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Kimbella said...

her English is soo GOOD. its so good that my brain bled.

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