Dec 27, 2008

7-11 cashier told me he was from ACSI. WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

"It has already been said. The act was for a video competition. Why can't useless non-ACS educated idiots understand?No wonder only we ACSians are the smartest, able and allowed to try the newest items of the block... e.g. IB, which you people do not even have a standard to own that."
--quoting from the comments section on Singapore Seen. Some proud ACSI student left it, judging from what he wrote.

So dumb...

I don't buy that 'Top Schools' hype ok? Those proud People from"top schools" should really start to humble up. I was from a "top school" myself and I rarely even mention it. PSLE good only mah... SO???

Being in an Independant school doesn't mean you are any better. It's much more expensive so you're just leeching off your parents before you even know how to make a cent.

So what if you are taking the IB? It's just an A- level equivalent. What a freak... It wont land you on any decent job yet. Why not wait till you graduate and start working before you brag about how much you make.

Here's something really interesting...I was @ 7-11 that day, the cashier said he was from ACSI. :)

So Stop living in self delusion, shut up, take your IB, go to NS and disappear.

p.s. not all independant school students are stuck up. Only those mediocre students in there have the need to brag.

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