Dec 26, 2008

Steven Lim THREATENED to SUE ME!!! Wahahahahaha!!!

Take a Look @ my cbox @ sidebar. I think he's really steven lim. Sounds like him.

26 Dec 08, 14:36Steven Lim: hey, who ever you are...i dun have 5k to give?? when did that happen?? where do u get that idea?? why not take a look at this and mulitply the numbers... see this

He then send this link

Steven Lim: .....

Ooops he ot his own url wrong, so he send another link ...

26 Dec 08, 14:36
Steven Lim: .....

26 Dec 08, 14:37
Steven Lim: if i have 600 models, even each pay 100 dollars only..wat is the final figure..

Steven Lim: dun let me reportedly sue you for defamation..thanks

hahahaha! "reportedly sue you" (4 your engRish)
Then I replied...

ViciousCycle: lols r u steven lim?? lols. No u can't sue me. read the post 2nd time
26 Dec 08, 14:37

I was being very nice. No need to ridicule him mah... he's pathetic already.

The original post I made about him offering 5k to whoever willing to be his gf

p.s. i tink your models all surely bo seng lee one. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Model=/= SuperModel

Update: Steven Lim returned. ASked me to edit

26 Dec 08, 18:37
Steven Lim: who ever dun have 5000 in their banks is ridiculous
26 Dec 08, 18:37
Steven Lim: i m telling you now...i have 5000 to give away...edit your post now..

26 Dec 08, 18:46
ViciousCycle: Ask the original person who said tt to edit. it is believed that u didnt give, Reported. Im just
saying what was reported :p Wanna sue, sue the originator. Ciaox

ViciousCycle: :p and fren, dun think about asking me to do anything or sueing me. U got no case.

Well, if you wanna make a fool of yourself on tv and youtube, no one takes u seriously anymore. What to do??? :(

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Anonymous said...

I wana puke seeing his stupid face.

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