Dec 14, 2008

Maia Lee = Beyond Thick-Skinned

There's one thing I realized about Maia Lee.


Single Mum, not once, but TWICE.

And Still don't learn?

I remembered I found it really funny when the father of her 2nd baby said he and Maia were 'just friends'. ^^

I don't think she is wired up properly up there. Either up there or *down there*.

Not normal, IMO. I suggest counseling.

Don't you think she's like Singapore's Britney Spears, without the musical success?

Maia needs to spare a thought for her sons because i really worry that her son will grow up and find out their mum was someone who went on tv shows (Singapore Idol. Contender Asia) to find a Dad.

p.s. I don't find her hot, AT ALL . I think she looked like she got down's syndrome in the photo above.

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