Mar 4, 2009

PRC Chinese Flaming Singaporeans On Forum

I hope I dun nid to translate.
The PRCs on forums wrote something bout 'Singaporeans' Mandarin's disgusting', and 'we are damn stuck up', and 'dunno how to teach our kids'.
That's just so cute...
Lemme Guess, Going On Forums to Flame Their Towkays After Long A Day of Cleaning toilets and washing plates. (Some do handjobs at massage parlours)

Higher class ones are technicians/ chinese tutors.

Why should Singporeans speak Mandarin so clearly all the time? It's our culture.
It's the same as not speaking perfect English when u are buying Char Kway Teow from an uncle.
The PRCs who clean toilets, what for speak so clearly to them?
Just clean the damn toilet will ya?

I Cleaned Public Toilets before, no big deal, quit bitching!

Here Are The Threads.



华语 英语都包括在内
不仅不像 反而比新加坡人讲的华语还要恶心
甚至让你从某种程度上来讲 自认为已经是这个国家的一份子
我来这里7年了 PR一名
coz i am proud to be a PRC


Singaporean Forum-ers Hit Back

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K.WING! said...

HAHA, I shall do a post on this, like very fun. I want to make every SGPrean and China-chinese to have WAR! Muahahaha. LOL. My evil plan. HAHA. But seriously, i think it is damn unreasonable to say tht, afterall, i am one of those kind who speaks language with an accent. So i speak chinese with china accent, singlish with singlish sccent and english with British-American slang.HAHA.

But right, i think hor, the China-chinese is being too demanding. They cannot expect every place with chinese to speak chinese like them lor...

VCAndy said...

> Kwing

nobody likes them now

VCAndy said...

"Originally posted by R3D3V1L:

So Americans should worsip Gordon Brown and his equally witty Brits?

What I don't like about PRC is that they believe the world has to conform to their standards.

It happens in the UK where I reside right now. They can't even speak English proper even after many years in their host country.

They are anti-social, rude, arrogant and no wonder the ang mohs don't like them.

Ang moh always surprise my engrish so good. Thanks PRC for really giving a bad name for all chinese people. I always remind them I am SINGAPOREAN.

ABC and BBC (British Born Chinese) can speak both Cantonese, Chinese or English really well.

But PRC remain arrogant.

Funny thing is, even the BBCs don't like the PRC. No one likes them"


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