Feb 24, 2009

Celeste Chen Looks Like She Only Eats SAND!

Sand...And Nothing Else.

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Click to Look at some of the Pics on her blog.

She models for her own apparels(roll eyes).

Either she's naturally anorexic looking or she doesn't eat.

Her sister Nicole is so much better, and prettier. But not that likeable.

I have nothing against Celeste k? But alot of people seem to hate her!
The sad thing is, she does nothing really offensive, but yet, people STILL hate her.

They say it's her face.

Look at her HATE SITE. :D Pretty funny.

But hello? Im not going to trash 'famous' bloggers on this site k?

I CAN and will do it well, but it's just not the way I roll.

And it's not because I'm afraid she will SUE me. What? U think she can afford the court fees from the "money" she makes from selling sunglasses on her blog?

I'm not attacking Celeste Chen simply because she has done nothing to me in real life, and I heard she's kinda quite a nice person.

I'm not going to be one of those typical hate site owner and say hurtful things like;

Celeste Chen is a PIE -FACED Piece of Sad!

Which of course she isn't. She just looks normal.

This Blog says she looks bitchy. Her posts aren't really all that bitchy lah...

Xiaxue is bitchy, yet she entertains me.

Charisma I guess? Some people have it some don't. I'm not saying Xiaxue is really all that charismatic because there are ALOT of people who abhor her.

Too skinny, that's all I have got to say bout Celeste.

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Anonymous said...

her uncle is a lawyer dumbshit

Vestige said...

I guess taking a simple pot shot can land you in deep trouble if you go over the line. Just like the above comment. But lax, both sisters are okay. let them be.

AndyVC said...

lols nothing defamatory, like i care:p

Anonymous said...

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