Jan 10, 2009

THINK twice before matchmaking your friends

We have some friends who are single and some attached.
"Eh??? ___ is such a nice guy/girl, why still single ar? Let me set him up with ___..."


Have you ever wonder why some products need advertisements?

  • Not popular~
  • New product
  • Bad product
  • Expensive
  • Branded
  • No body wants
  • Flawed


Now, think twice before you start match making your friends

- By jyJustice, STOMPer

"This sounds like those dick enlargement spam emails"-chrispykreme

LOL. so farnie :) :) :)

This post seems to be referring to me :( *lols single guy gets sensitive.*

But I agree to this post (cos I don't need enlar...*coughs* matchmaking [but still I won't mind:)]).
If a guy needs help in finding love, it is very likely that he is someone who is very hard to like.

But this post isn't totally true. Alot of couples met through friends. And they got married.

In today's World, as standards get higher, a man can't just go around and find a mate like how a caveman does. Unless we are taking about pick up joints.

So friends' recommendations is totally necessary[for the survival of Mankind].

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