Feb 17, 2009


Seriously I hope Akon gets hit by a car. I abhor him! HE SUCKS.

This morning I spotted a song by Akon on my Windows Media Player's list, lost my temper and DELETED it :(

I hate him so much because he's a fucking bully.

AND He's extremely sick in the head!

This is a monster who would beat little girls, dry-hump them on stage and attack boys who are much younger and weaker than he is.

I bet he won't dare to do that to grown men his size.
He's a loser with no father and his mum fucks him in the ass.


If you like him, his crappy music and his dry humping, kill yourself.

He disgusts me so much so that if the world has no rules, I would set 5 Roman Shepherds on him as he's peeing in the toilet.

The 5 dogs will jump onto him from behind, tear chunks off his face and neck and proceed on to rape him like a bitch.

This is what he deserves for all that he's done in the past.

As the 5 dogs rape him, he will struggle and cry like a crybaby from beneath the dogs.

At this point, I would look down upon him, and laugh hysterically.

He would most likely yell at me so I will make one of the dogs bite off his balls.

After he finally bleeds to death, the dogs will feed on his remains, and shit him out like the shit he is.

Nobody cares.

It's not like he sings well.
What is he anyway? A rapper, singer or NEITHER?

Akon's Voice = Digitally touched up WHINES.
Uber annoying...


Wouldn't it be fun if someone sew his nose shut as he's 'singing' ?
Then he can't sing anymore because he nose is sealed SHUT.

Sew up his mouth too. I would pay to watch him suffocate to death.

What a Talentless Bitch!
I would rather listen to fart noises than this shitpie who "sings".

I hope his album fails, so he will have no choice but to go back to live in a box.

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