Dec 16, 2008

Plastic Surgery Can be Really Useful. Why Hate Dawn Yang?

I'm neutral towards people going for plastic surgery (botox ,implants)

Provided that they look great after the work done lah.

Dawn yang really does look great after her face work mah... Her surgery gave her a blog career !

Why do people hate her ?

Dawn: "why do people hate me, im just an innocent plastic gurl"

I used to think that plastic surgery people will still give birth to ugly kids. But I think I was wrong.

After surgery,you will look better. you will thus have the ability to attract a better looking partner.

And then u will give birth to a better looking child because at least half of the genes are good looking genes.

Get what i'm saying? U may still have the ugly genes but after surgery, you will be able to attract a good looking person with good looking genes. So the child you have with him/her will be at least half good looking, neutralised.

By the 3rd or 4th generation, there will be no more ugly people in your family.

This sure beats being ugly, finding an ugly partner and giving birth to an ugly kid, the sad cycle goes on.

What do ya think?

Fyi, my mum's good looking, my dad's normal :)

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krisandro said...

There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery! But if one does it and denies doing it, it's another matter altogether.


ViciousCycle said...

now i understand... but i still dun hate her 4 lying bout her surgeries

Anonymous said...

wad if 2 ugly people marry each other ??
Their kids would wonder why their parents so pretty and handsome lol

Anonymous said...

just because you get plastic surgery doesn't mean that your genes will change and you'll produce a good looking baby...

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