Mar 9, 2009

DAWN YANG DATED SAF Doctor Who's Found Dead In Melbourne?

It's just reported in the Singapore Chinese Tabloid, Shin Min Daily.

"Maybe they have flings before", STOMPer, ChiBiGirl (lol @ the name:D)

If it's true, I'd say Dawn Yang Has a Really Deadly Pussy.

Plastic causes death.

Maybe that doctor choked on plastic while eating DY's Pussy.
Maybe his face got trapped within the pink plastic bag looking thingy and suffocated.

Gawd, is she going to Sydney tomorrow again?

If the doctor had a biography, I suppose a chapter of his life will be dedicated to banging plastic :D

Joke, don;t sue me. I doubt she reads this anyway. I would rather she sue me, cos in that way, more people will read here. Ain't life without a lawsuit. lols

If you wanna play Investigator...

Go Dawn Yang's Blog and Dig Up the archive, & see if she'd ever took pics with this guy

She take pics with sooooo...many guys. God knows...

Who prefer Xiaxue? *raise hands*

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slumbeRAJA said...

dawn yang? xia xue? i prefer kennysia ^^

AndyViciousCycle said... okay. i prefer kennysai cos he insults him on a daily basis :D

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