Mar 7, 2009

NTU Staff Found Hanged, 2nd Death in the Same Week

I think NTU needs some 'Blessing' Ceremony of some sort. This is the 2nd death in the same week.
Suddenly, NTU feels like one of those cursed haunted schools. eek...
That guy hanged himself in a toilet. Some of you may shit if you see one of those things, so I guess if you want to shit faster, use the toilet on the 7th day.

AN NTU infocomm project officer was found hanged at a staff apartment at the university's Boon Lay campus on late on Friday.(continue to AsiaOne News)

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Vestige said...

Strange happenings.

jazz said...

that gives me the chills.
he just joined on march 2nd and this happens.

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