May 9, 2009

Mas Selamat was caught while eating KFC!!!

It was rumoured that Mas Selamat was apprehended while eating KFC at a shopping centre in Johor Bahru.

This is how the hearsay goes:

The Johor Police have been tracking Mas Selamat for over a year when it finally came to the day they located Mas, who had on numerous occasions, managed to slip away uncaught.

On a tip off, the plain clothes policemen arrived at the restaurant and closed in on Mas, who was at that time, enjoying his Chicky Meal.

Being the quick man he was, Mas stopped eating and threw popcorn chicken at the officers' faces as he tried to limp away. He has a limp foot.

Too bad for him, Lady Luck wasn't on Mas's side this time.

One of the officers grabbed an extra crispy drumstick, lunged forward, and struck Mas on his side of his head. Mas crashed onto the ground, unconcious.

Mas Selamat has lost quite alot of weight from being on the run for months, hence it's a waste that he was eating KFC.

Mas Selamat awoke into a confinement cell. He was so desperate to be freed, he even offered his fingers to the guards, claiming that his fingers were licking good.

No one was interested.

Mas will be sent back to the Whitney Road Detention Centre in Singapore soon, and hopefully, he won't escape again.

Disclaimer: The above is a total fabrication.

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