May 17, 2009

S Factor Top 2: So Sherine's Fake Nose Got her Out?

Sherine had told Sonia that she went for some surgery on the nose due to a 'sinus infection'.

Can you believe it?

Wow, I can't breathe too, I need a smaller nose.

At the interview with the 'mums', Sherine gave answers that are almost too put-on.
Hmmm... Did her sinus infection give her a fake personality too? She was thus eliminated.

We are down to Sonia and Kay Kay.

I pick Kay Kay as winner.

Sherine's Blog:

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wayangtimes said...

yeah i think kay kay will win too though i heart holly jean :p

Haro Genki said...

not fun one , u all still watching it.

Anonymous said...

KK has absolutely no personality, is mean and insecure. chunky legs and a flaky friend to boot. only has those falsies to fall back on.

Anonymous said...

I don't think KK deserves to win.

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