May 10, 2009

Gui Xue Sha(Xuesha) OUT from S Factor, She Looks Very Different On TV

XueSha is OUT!

Ah ha!
Her TV look is very different from her BLOG look.

But she so dumb liddat, know how to photoshop meh?

Miss her.

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CHAR said...

I dont watch that show.. but im happy she is out!

Her dumbness is killing everyone!

Hey, perhaps PS is the only thing she know how to use...mai xiao xiao

I cant even use that!

AndyViciousCycle said...

haha i tink she din go PS.


CHAR said...

Go? the PS im refering to is photoshop!

And because of your post, i went to her blog. and She is figuring out how to use LG Prada, guess she didnt know, even with keypad. She need to use touchscreen.. (she avoided touchscreen fone cuz of her nails)dangz.

AndyViciousCycle said...

LOL, I'm not against her, but she like no brains liddat

CHAR said...

Im not against her too but I was like..OMG, how come eh!! pity her or dunno what.

She is always doing/saying things 'innocently' to make ppl slam her.

She got brains lah, but dunno what happen to it. I have know ppl like tat... *speechless*

wayang times said...

seriously, i still cant get over the fact that the tv xue sha is the same person as the blog xue sha sha lol.

KissExchange said...

It's true, what you guys are saying.. she does look different from TV compared to photographs.. i guess in photographs.. u get to choose your ideal angle to look better but u cant really do that on tv unless u pay the camera man.. lol :P

She seems to be in a world of her own honestly...which is good and that im happy for.. coz, losing in S factor must have hurt her pride quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

Xuesha is .. just .. brainless.
The way she talks, its just ..
She looked so different on TV.
She's not even pretty. Saw her once @ orchard.

There's no wrong to photoshop photos, but for her, its so over the limit. Differ so much ! Gross.

Brush up on your English girl.

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