Jun 27, 2009

Michael Jackson's Dead? Rude S'porean Teens Don't Give A Shit.

One said he faked his own death, another just thought he was wasting alot of money on Plastic Surgery, and that his death will contribute to global warming.

Those who are 'sad' were smiling while being interviewed.


Hope RazorTv isn't an accurate representation.

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Anonymous said...

Wtf Singaporean teens.

Anonymous said...

The one who said he's contributing to global warming is so funny.

"because he's plastic.. just beat it!"


Anonymous said...

He got his white skin because of a skin cancel not plastic surgery idiots =.=

*Nazzz said...

'if you've got nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all'

anyway,it's expected behaviour of some sg teens. they dont know that most of their favourite artists were influenced by MJ.
perez hilton wrote some shit on his blog, then later retracted it and posted 'nicer' stuff.

im definitely no fan of, say, britney spears, but if she had died (she had a weird life too, lol. the shaving head incident and all.) even i wouldnt be making comments like, 'oh she was a bad mother, a slut and a dumbass blonde, good riddance you pussy-flashing whore!'.

Anonymous said...

his skin is white because he bleaches himself or... inject some whitening substance into his body.

how come i dont see another skin cancer patients looking like him?

chill, everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

Anonymous said...

Those who are 'sad' were smiling while being interviewed.

whoa, hows that being rude?

The teens were going out having fun why won't they be happy? do you really expect them to act fake and cry?

the reporter sounds like some-sort of bitchy whore! hearing her fake laughter makes me wan to slap her

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