Jun 20, 2009

Reports says North Korea Is Going to Attack Singapore??? Fuck those little fuckers !

From Channel NewsAsia - Saturday, June 20

SINGAPORE : The US military is tracking a North Korean ship that media reports said is heading for Singapore.

The Kang Nam departed from a port in North Korea on Wednesday and is suspected of carrying weaponry, missile parts or nuclear material.

Responding to media queries, Singapore’s Foreign Ministry said Singapore takes seriously the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and if the allegation is true, the ministry said Singapore will act appropriately.

The Kang Nam is the first vessel to be tracked under new UN sanctions passed last week which bans shipments of arms and nuclear and missile technology to and from North Korea. — CNA /ls

N Korea won't attack any countries. They are just producing weapons for bragging rights.

Cos they are North Koreans and Koreans have the shortest missiles(dicks) on the planet.(average 1cm or smth)

So they need to shoot missiles and send ships to Singapore to make up for their lack of girth.

I hope their babies get the H1N1 and become retarded.

And may their fugly women with cunt features be forcibly raped by the US soldiers. (But who wants to rape koreans and get those eyes.)

The men can meanwhile lose their hips during war and die slowly of cancer.



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Kiss Exchange said...

Hi vicious..

love this post.. lol.. would like to do a link exchange..


Rene said...

It says nowhere that they're going to attack Singapore....
You know, weapons on a ship don't mena that the vessel is an attack vessel. The first thing that people should think of when reading that article is that it's some freighter or so carrying the weapons.
Stupid interpretation of yours...

AndyViciousCycle said...

@ Rene

Sending WEAPONS on a ship MEANS a military confrontation. Things don't have to be written down to the exact word!


Okay Linked U

Kerubin said...

That's odd, I see no reason why they would attack us. But honestly don't curse the NKs, most of them lead an ultra sad life of poverty and hunger. You can see all these documentaries of journalist bringing spycams into NK on youtube, and they would actually be risking arrest for that.

IT'S THE KIM JONG ILL OR WTV HIS NAME IS, that should get H1N1 and become retarded.

Rene said...

"Sending WEAPONS on a ship MEANS a military confrontation. Things don't have to be written down to the exact word!"

How would you transport weapons from country A to country B via sea? The moment you have to refill at some harbour, according to your statement, it would mean a military confrontation.
So let's say they are transporting weapons on it, someone has to operate them.
And besides, they don't say what kind of weapons, as this is not certain....

Lastly, WHY should NK attack Singapore? It makes no sense at all what you're saying

Rene said...


" SEOUL (Reuters) - A North Korean ship that the United States is shadowing is likely headed for Myanmar, South Korean television reported on Sunday.

YTN channel quoted a South Korean intelligence source as saying the final destination of the Kang Nam looks to be Myanmar after leaving a North Korean port on Wednesday.

U.S. officials have declined to say what the ship might be carrying but said it was "a subject of interest". North Korea has five similar ships used for weapons trade.

Fox News quoted a senior U.S. military source as saying the ship appeared to be heading toward Singapore and that the navy destroyer USS John McCain was positioning itself in case it gets orders to intercept, according to a story on its website. Singapore, a U.S. ally, said it would act "appropriately" if the vessel heads to its port with a cargo of weapons. Singapore has the world's busiest shipping port and is also the world's top ship refuelling hub.

The Kang Nam is the first North Korean ship to be monitored under the new sanctions, adopted this month in response to Pyongyang's May 25 nuclear test. The resolution authorised U.N. member states to inspect North Korean sea, air and land cargo."

Also have a look at that ship. Cargo ship.

AndyViciousCycle said...

Ok lah N korea isnt attacking Singapore.

Nevertheless, they are still a bunch of evil creatures.

Anonymous said...

Don't be an idiot. Myanmar, China, North Korea and Singapore are good friends and frequently share tips on citizenry control.

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