Sep 15, 2009

Sg Idol Contestant's Grandpa Is the Richest Man in S-E ASIA!

As it turned out, MJ Kwok is the grandson of Robert Kwok, The Richest man in Southeast Asia!!!

OMG!!! *jitters* He is worth about US$9 Billion.

Eat that, Ken Lim. He's real rich, and you are not.

"The 85-year-old Malaysian born tycoon's vast business empire includes oil refineries, sugarcane plantations, the Shangri-La hotel chain and the South China Morning Post, which is headed by MJ's father, Kuok Khoon."
- 8 Days

MJ has since dropped out of Singapore Idol due to 'personal reasons'. Such as being too rich and powerful so it isn't fair anymore since he can easily buy over Ken Lim's shitty Hype Records. I said shitty because there's rarely any artiste from Hype Record who's ever made it big.

If I were MJ, I would buy over Hype Records and make Ken Lim clean my shoe. I would also buy over Singapore Idol. Then, I would order everyone on set to jump around, act like monkeys, and take turns to slap Gurmit Singh's face . My bathtub will be filled with $50notes, and I would be sipping Starbucks and eating carvia
while I watch all of this in my bathroom which has a theatre screen in it

I personally think MJ could have just flung a pile of $50 notes onto the face of (insert whore contestant's name), and she would gladly suck him off.

Ryan Lee would have done so too. And maybe so would Dick.

Tabitha, it's time to ditch Farhan and figure out who to hook up with.

Congrats to Nurul Huda for taking Mj's place. I think she is a really good singer and deserves to win.

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