Jun 6, 2009

Singapore Idol Season 3 (Early Predictions)

What I want to see & hear

1) Wackier Auditions. Throw in more bitchfights. Someone like the Bikini girl or Tatiana Del Toro.

Feature more interesting people instead of just delusional retards.

2) A new judge, as funny as Simon. Don't like Dick Lee and Ken Lim.

3) Better singers, don't care if they are ugly or have a bad personality. For Susan Boyle's case, it's BOTH.

Hopefully we will find someone with staying power. What happened to Taufik and Hady nowadays?

They just AREN'T orginal enough! Hopefully the new "Judge's Save" will safeguard the better singers.

4) More Scandals. Throw in some skanks. Another Maia Lee. Put in one gay gay one. Like Adam Lambert.

5) The Host is fine. I like Gurmit. I heard there will be TWO hosts.
#Update: Hady Mirza is the 2nd host. Well, at least he has a job.

Okie thats all, no pictures for this post, I'm lazy. Going to sleep, BYE!

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