Dec 28, 2009

Happy with Sezairi Sezali as Singapore Idol?

Was on twitter after the Singapore Idol results show came out. Sezairi was twitter's trending topic!

Like many, I was rooting for Sylvia to win.

But we gotta respect our voters decision ...

I prefer Sylvia because Hady and Taufik already possess the same musical style as Sezairi.

Looking back, Taufik deserved his crown. Let's face it, Sylvester Sim wasn't really that great. Remember that weird spastic twitching, winking and pointing? Olinda was a good singer but she doesnt have the image of the star. Taufik was one of the best we got during Season 1.

Jonathan Leong and Hady were both good singers. But Hady just has a little bit more charisma. Jonathan has the 'cool' thing going on, but I guess Hady's affable image appeals more to the masses.

But this season, we got boy-next-door Sezairi against cutie Sylvia Ratonel. Sezairi is a competent singer but whatever he can do, Hady and Taufik can or are already doing it. There is nothing new musically aout Sezairi.

But I heard Sezairi is a musician and write his own songs. Well, maybe my perception of him will change once he releases a few awesome original compositions into the airwaves.

Sylvia on the other hand, can give Singapore what we lack, a versatile female singer who happens to be sweet looking as well.

Alas, who won singapore idol isn't important. What's important is the future careers of both of them.

I see Sezairi following the footsteps of Hady and Taufik, performing regionally in Malaysia and Indonesia. Sylvia will have a market there too since she can sing in Malay.

Phillipines is also a good place for Sylvia to expand into.

I don't see any of the two finalists going International, unless Sylvia can get as lucky as Charice.

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