Sep 7, 2009

(IDOL UPDATE) SHIT, I think Farhan Shah will win Singapore Idol

It's always this kind of undeserving people...

Like that year when Taufik won, I think this Sanjaya lookalike may win this year.

These fuckers totally don't deserve it!

Farhan, you aren't good enough, and I won't be voting for you :(

But there's no use in winning Singapore idol anyway. There isn't a market for Singaporean English music.

So what will u get if you win Singapore Idol? You get to host the next season's show. Oh wait, co-host the next season show. Cos Gurmit Singh is the only host in Singapore and so he'll always be the host in all these shows.

How's Hady Mirza stint as our contestants' 'big brother' ? @@...

And can someone tell Ken Lim to stop trying to be like Simon? Get your own personality, you freak!

My living room's TV screen may be a little too small for Florence Lian this year.

Slimming Endorsement deal anyone?

My Favourite judge is Dick Lee^^ But does Dick like dick?

Other finalists...

Tabitha Nauser
Not bad. I'll root for her.

Syltra Lee

She looks a bit like Xiaxue during her Girls Out Loud days.
Hands down the best singer yet.

MJ Kwok

Didn't impress me as a singer. Not sure if he's hot enough to get girls' votes or not.

I guess not.

#UPDATE: Ok, as it turned out, MJ Kwok is the grandson of Robert Kwok, The Richest man in Southeast Asia!!! OMG!!! *jitters* He is worth about US$9 Billion. Eat that.
"The 85-year-old Malaysian born tycoon's vast business empire includes oil refineries, sugarcane plantations, the Shangri-La hotel chain and the South China Morning Post, which is headed by MJ's father, Kuok Khoon." - 8 Days

MJ has since dropped out of Singapore Idol due to 'personal reasons'. Such as being too rich and powerful.

2nd piano show on Wednesday.
I'm looking forward to 'sex-tape' girl Charlene Torres-Tan.

I couldn't find her 'sex-tape'. Link anyone?

Till then, cya!

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