Jun 19, 2009

Nuffnang Flash Mob = FAIL MOB

Amazing turn-out.

Around 10 people came.

Ok kidding. I was a passerby otw to cine and I din cared.

You know why they have blogger outings? Because bloggers never go out! LOL

I saw some of the celeb bloggers in real life. Ice Angel looked prettier in real life. Her face in blog pics are in so heavy make up!

Xiaxue is around 1.5 (with heels).(But she looked prettier than I thought she was. I expected her to look ugly.)

Under-age girl might be underaged but she's over-we****!

Here's another vid that's edited to make it seem less sad than it really was.

LOL! The Overwe**** but Under-age(d) Girl says her FAT ASS looks hot in pyjamas!

What do u think?

Disclaimer: Ok ok, since i serve Nuffnang ads...

Neutral about Nuffnang as a blog advert company but this flash mob is IMO, a torn in the flesh.

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*Nazzz said...

the whole thing looked like an epic fail. xD

to be fair though, it was their first time 'organising' a flash mob but seriously that was such a sad, sad (overly hyped) event.

Ghim said...

this is one failed event. does nuffnang even understand what is a flash mob? this is an organised event. flash mobs are meant to appear spontaneously, do an act and disperse quickly.

this is more of a publicity stunt.

Anonymous said...

Omg hahahahahahaha overweight girl. HI ANDY. GUESS WHO.

AndyViciousCycle said...

@ anon

Dunno, no idea who.

I have too many fans to guess exactly who.



Anonymous said...

TSK ANDY. Of course you know it's me, you even commented on my blog as Anon, again.

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