Mar 31, 2009

How I Fucked Your Mother---Starring Gary Ng

A Commentary of the Best moments of the whole self orchestrated scandal.
I'm a bit late blogging about the whole Gary Ng saga. Was at his blog earlier this week.

I must say: The most funniest video by Gary:

Gary Ng with Beer Auntie!

All the other vids were mostly gary with considerably young girls screaming with fuck-ery under his forceful thrusts.

But On the Video of Gary with Beer Auntie...(LOL...)

The Beer Auntie was yammering and chatting with him throughout the whole fucking time.
Her voice was a real turn off! Yuck. Silence her with pillows!

The parts that cracked me up.

#1 Beer auntie told Gary to not 'pen zai wo de lian', 'pen jai wo de body jiu how'
(don't spray on my face, on my body will do)

#2 Beer auntie scratches her faces repeatedly. Gary asked 'juo mo?!' (whats' the matter)
beer auntie goes: ' hen yang...'(very itchy)

LOL x3.

Grossest Video By Gary Ng

Gary With Mother and Daughter.

The mother din make a sound. Dead fish. And fucking fat!

The daugher damn fat too. The legs like Pig trotters. (Te kah)

Oh I'm sure everyone would have known Gary's Blog by now. If you still do not know, leave a comment to ask. :p

HOW Gary NG Really Looks Like. The Pic Used By China Press is Fake

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what is his blog?

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