Mar 31, 2009

Jamie Yeo Cheated On Glenn Ong With Jon Leong 2 years Ago?

So Jamie Yeo had something going on with Jonathan Leong 2 years ago while she was still married to Glenn Ong?

bannamama on CozyCots

"My fren just told me she saw jamie yeo & jonathan leong kissing passionately in a club recently. poor glenn....he always broadcast to the world how much he love jamie during the morning show!"

Posted 02-03-2007

Now we know where Glenn's anger came from.

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Smurfphy said...

Of course She can kiss him passionately... She's Single again remember???

Wendy said...

mr smurfphy, look at the date of the post...

AndyViciousCycle said...

No, this happened 2 years ago while she was still married to Glenn

YongWei said...

erm, why does everyone care about this so much?

Anonymous said...

she has awesome boobies and kiss her too

Anonymous said...

Although Johnathan Leong more 'yandao' (handsome) than Glenn Ong, but doesn't mean Jamie can cheat on Glen! Retribution will befall on cheaters. you cheat on Glen, Jon can also cheat on you.. Muhaha..

Poor Glenn, sorry for you bro! You'll find a better woman, than a fickle slut.

Anonymous said...

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