Apr 26, 2009

Star Awards 2009 In 3 Hours time! Predictions...

Since it will always be the same few ones who will be snagging the 'Top 10 most popular Awards", let me just predict the artistes who will win the Best Actor/Actress category.

After all, this is a category that doesn't depend on votes.

My Pick For Best Actress: Joanne Peh
I hope Jeanette Aw (Ou Xuan) won't win. I'm not a huge fan of her bland Yue Niang role on Little Nonya. Joanne Peh's character displayed far more range so I hope she wins instead.

When that happens, poor Jeanette would throw a serious bitch fit, like how she did last year after not even winning a single award.

If it's acting chops they are judged upon, Chen Li Ping would have a good shot at winning too since she has a double nomination this year.

Best Actor
The Best actor award will most likely go to Chen Han Wei, who played an Aids patient.


On a side-note, I bet no one would top this acceptance speech at the Emmys a few years ago.

Watch in shock :

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