Feb 13, 2009

Jamie Yeo & Glenn Ong DIVORCED, Happy V Day...

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Gosh, I'm so happy for them.

(They aren't divorced yet, but they have split)

Told you so.

I'm like God in a way.

No wonder Jamie talked about masturbating. Wakakakaka...

Hey Hey, don't get all riled up @ me and say I'm black-hearted k?

Glenn Ong, an Asshole Humanized (IMO), have divorced BEFORE.

This 2nd marriage of his have again, come to a blissful end.

This is what happen if you marry divorcees.


Me? Evil for being happy for them? Bullshit. Divorce is nothing k? They don't have kids, they are both financially independent. A failed marriage isn't too much to handle.

p.s."The couple, who are known to embrace publicity, have often been spotted at media events together, openly displaying their affection for each other."


Take note, PDA couples.

p.s.#2 @@... I heard Jamie Snatched Glenn from his 1st wife.


Don't take things that aren't yours.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looking for PHoon Chee Yeong. Where 2 find him???

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