May 15, 2009

The Dicky Behind Edison Chen Sex Photos Gets 8 months

He was the technician who repaired Edison's laptop. He had viewed the 1300 photos with 2 female staff before duplicating them into a compact disc.

Guess his name: Dicky Sze Ho-chun. (Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!)

Would you release the Edison Chen photos if you are the one who's found them?

Even though I could go to jail, I might still do it.

But I won't put up the pics on the Internet. At least not by myself.

I might just pass the cd to an XXX cd dealer for a lump sum and let him do the dirty job. Those people know how to bend the law.

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Anonymous said...

that dicky is really a dick-head..

Jv said...

opps.. forget put my name n url.. :P

*Nazzz said...

lmfao xD

Dicky the Dickhead gets 8 months in jail.

Haro Genki said...

But, it's quite obvious the one repairing will have the pictures, unless its hacked.

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

i will.. coz it's quite traumatising for the 'victims' if the pics were all exposed..granted thou they knew and agreed with it all along..

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