Mar 31, 2009

So What Exactly's Wrong With Qi Yu Wu...

1) Can't Act.
The amount of movies/dramas he gets is inversely proportional to his range of acting.
Qi Yu Wu practically acts with 2-3 facial expressions.

2) I just don't Like his Face
Hey, I have an idea for the next game show he appear in.

Make him sit on a chair all chained up while the audience takes turn to hit him with a sledgehammer.

3) Personality of A Lamp Post
Word has it that no one in Mediacorp likes him, and he sucks up to directors.

Maybe he simply just sucks.

Here's some fun little rumours that has been going around for ages on Internet forums

-He's married to Xie Shao Guang.


-He's with some important person in Raintree Pictures. How else do you think he got all those movie roles. Important person's name? Rhymes with Toe-nail.

Not said by me.
There are all over the forums. This one's the best.Click!

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Vestige said...

You know what girls do best.

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