Apr 22, 2009

Don't Pray Pray, Ming Yi's Condo Got Alot of Porn!!! Another Charity Org Bites the Dust

"Surprise!" :D

The Tammy
It feels a little weird to be blogging dirt about our great Shi Ming Yi, founder of Ren Ci's hospital. Remember the hero stuntman monk on all the Channel U's Charity shows?

It's like stepping on him when he's down.

But anyway, he's made a mistake, one that could send the many years of his own hardwork down the drain.
Another charitable organisation bites the dust. What's next? The NYP Brownies ? (Just kidding, there are no Brownies in NYP, unless Tammy took it in her butt.)

Bet you didn't know: Ming Yi was from RI, mind you. Raffles!

The Porn Library in Ming Yi's Condo
You may have heard of the news sometime ago:
138 obscene and un-certified films found in one of Ming Yi's condos .

Ming Yi might not be the real owner of the "138 obscene and uncertified films" although the stash was uncovered at the condo he co-owned with FIVE other listed owners.

Sounds like a party.

I'm sure of one thing though, "Brokeback Mountain" isn't one of the "138 obscene and uncertified films":D

Hello, Oscar Winning k? Don't pray pray.
Someone who's worked in the media industry was at the premier of Brokeback Mountain. According to her, the cinema was packed with yellow robed monks.
There were also quite a lot of aunties and uncles(because they want to sarport Ang Lee).

Btw the condo is 'The Cornwall', off Holland Road.

You may want to google 'cornhole slang definition'. (NSFW!)

News Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/Free/Story/STIStory_258044.html

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E! said...

heard that ming yi also kept a toy boy.

Ron Jerem Lee said...

lets be fair to em, at least is genuine porn and not torrent downloaded, which is more illegal. :-)

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