Apr 27, 2009

Stuff Said @ the Star Awards 2009 that might have Pissed People Off

Taiwanese compere Zheng Guo Cheng might have rubbed some of our local stars the wrong way at the Star Awards.

Taking no prisoners, the snarky television host went on a major SUAN-fest that evening.

On Christopher Lee's nomination for Best host
(Sarcastically) Why are you here? You can go back already. How the hell did you manage to get a nomination from your very 1st show? Does Singapore really lack talent?

On Zoe Tay
The compere went on the make fun of Zoe Tay's age: "Anyone as old as you are?"

On Joanne Peh
After Joanne failed to deliver a coherent acceptance speech yet again on her 2nd time on stage, Joanne Peh was bluntly told by Zheng to 'go get some brains'.

On Li Teng
When it was time for Zheng Guo Cheng to annonce the winner for "Best host", he read out Li Teng's name to fool him into thinking that he had won, only to back peddle moments later to say, "errr... if you have indeed won, the other nominees would have killed themselves."

On Quan Yi Feng
"You are a real crybaby aren't you?"

Chen Han Wei came in a close second if pissing people off is concerned.
His cocky acceptance speech about being on the 'heavenly pedestal' with the likes of Zoe and Fann soon almost made Tay Ping Hui pounce onstage and rip him into shreds.

The Pissed
Kym Ng, Michelle Chia and Fiona Xie were clearly pissed for not even winning a single shit.
All 3 left in a huff. lols

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Anonymous said...

loves it haha

Joyce Stella said...

Star Awards Post Party photos can be seen at my blog. :)

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