Feb 22, 2009

"Why didn't U Shave?" Gillian Chung's Comeback Interview

Interview Transcript:

VC: Hey Gillian!! Welcome back. it's so good to see you:D
Gillian: Hey^^ nice seeing you too.

VC: Ok, Gillian, waste no time. Let's just get to what we are really here for.

Gillian: Ok cool.

VC: So what was the most embarrassing part of the whole scandal?

Gillian: Well, it's the whole being scrutinized by the public...for a moment you felt as if you have lost all your freedom...

VC: Gillian, Cut the crap. Just tell us why didn't you shave?

Gillian Blushed.

VC: That's prolly the most embarrassing part, as we all know...Your Twat is Disgusting. U mop floor with it?

Gillian: (nervous fake laughter) errr...R u just kidding around?

VC: Not at all. So What have you learn from the whole incident? Do you start to shave regularly now, after the pics came out?

Gillian: ..... Just ask me about my new movie will ya? I'm not very comfortable with talking about...

VC: Ok next question.Do you think Edison Chen has a short penis? If it's short, why did you still suck it?

VC: Do you enjoy being photographed while having sex?

Gillian: No!!! Why would I?

VC: I know you do, LIAR! But then why did you cry when someone took pics of you in the changing room? Why act innocent? You HYPOCRITE!

Gillian fidgets uncomfortably on her seat, audience silent.

VC: You are a real whore, aren't you?


VC: Don't wanna reply me? Alright. I'll take it that you agreed that your a whore.

Gillian wells up in tears, turns to her manager.

Vc: Wehhhh!!!! Crybaby! Wehhhhhhhh!!!! Just answer me, BITCH!

Gillian's manager steps in and told me to ask proper questions or they will just leave the set.

VC: Woahhh...Big Deal... I'll just ask better questions in that case. Ok Gillian, if Charlene and yourself were to have a threesome, which male actor would you pick? Beside Edison

Gillian grabs her bag and prepares to leave. Audience Booed

VC:Aww...Gillian is mad...


Audience chants "Best shiok face...Best shiok face...Best shiok face..." as the obliterated Gillian exited the studio with her manager. She almost tripped.

Interview Set in the Fictional Studio, VC Studios.
Creative Commons License
Gillian Chung's Comeback Interview GONE BAD by Andy (Vicious Cycle) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Singapore License.
Based on a work at sgviciouscycle.blogspot.com.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://sgviciouscycle.blogspot.com/.

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Lisalicious said...

wah your interview so geng mei!?

pity Gillian :p

*************Andy************ said...

Ya, lucky im no where near broadcast

Saga said...

got part 2? must interview edison since he is here. haha.. ask him why also

*************Andy************ said...

Part 2 maybe withe cecelia
or maybe the whole thing I make it in2 a cartoon video.

Anonymous said...

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