Apr 17, 2009

Reading a Former Prostitute's Blog: http://happyhooking.blogspot.com/

Ever wondered what exactly goes on in a prostitute's life?
Throughout the year 2004, a particular former prostitute blogged frequently on happyhooking.blogspot.com (My Secret Life As A Former Prostitute), mainly about her life and adventures with her clients.

Yes, she's probably REAL.

She wasn't a street hooker but a social escort who also offered paid sex.

What can I say? She loved her job;
Walked away with a 30% tip, even. I felt rather amused with myself on the drive home...I'm still rather amazed that I can get paid for doing something so fun.

She rarely updates now but you can begin by reading her archives.
Quite an interesting read, I'd say
Link: http://happyhooking.blogspot.com/2004_02_01_archive.html

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