Apr 18, 2009

Youtube Sensation Susan Boyle, 47 admits she's "never been kissed"

Susan Boyle Fever continued Friday, with the Scottish singing sensation – modest as ever – appearing on NBC's Today show but declining to answer the question on everybody's mind: Has she found a boyfriend yet?

Last weekend, before she opened her mouth on the reality show Britain's Got Talent and changed her life forever, the unemployed charity worker admitted on-camera that she was 47 "and never been kissed."

With all the attention she has received ever since – her YouTube video, viewed 11 million times by Thursday afternoon, was up to 19 million views Friday – Boyle was asked by Today's Meredith Vieira if there have been male suitors beating a path to her door, trying to get her number.

Boyle let out a laugh, then responded, "No comment."


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1 comment:

renaye said...

i just watched her singing over youtube. it was just amazing because i believe she learned to sing on her own... and she sang it so professionally!

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