Feb 1, 2009

My 1st Time w 2 French Girls, @ Marina Square's Toilet...

Yesterday, in the middle of helping out at the Chingay Parade, I felt the need to go to the loo. The area around Marina was filled with tourists from all over the World. Yes, ANG MOHs! full of them.
These ang mohs weren't there in couples but instead, in cliques. All-girl cliques, that is. Young, around my age(18), and... they are all pretty^^

So I left the parade, entered Marina Square Shopping Centre and went into the toilet.

As I stood in front of the urinal, unzipped,<<<<censored>>>> and got ready to pee...
2 Ang Moh girls walked in on me. They thought it was the Ladies until one of them saw me at the urinal.

She froze there for a second as I stared back, from my urinal.

*awkward silence*

"Wrong room..." I said.

She then grabbed her friend's hand and headed back out. Her friend was kinda like blaming her for walking into the wrong toilet. I'm not sure, they weren't speaking English, sounded like French.

This was the first time I had 2 French girls walk into me as I was peeing.
And I wasn't blushing.

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YongWei said...

lol wheres your right hand

ViciousAndy said...


YL said...


marinaforeignkid said...

hey so u r that sick guy that day !!! me and annie was so dissapointed by your stuff thats why we left ok .... by the way if u wanna ask me how BIG do u think u r we swear we didnt see anything coz your small hand had block everything...cheersssssss

AndrewViciousCycle said...


lol, yaw funny.

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