Feb 1, 2009

LOL? My 1st Blog Award From BloggerUnited...

Who needs the Sg Blog Association when we have sweet things like BloggerUnited :)?
I'm on the Top 10 list of 'Popular Blogs' on BloggerUnited for last month.^^ I'm #8.

I didn't know until I self-Googled<-----(Narcissistic) Maybe I should create my own wiki page, or at least put myself on a wiki list. Actually nothing to be that happy about rah. BloggerUnited isn't Technorati. It's a small community with only a few hundred(?) bloggers. And I earned $0 from all these shit. But but, I'm only ONE rank behind Sheylara(One of STOMP's Star Blogger) LOL

Hmmm...Do you know her, or u only know Maia Lee???

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Lisalicious said...


not bad yeah BU community.??

ehehhe glad you like it....
go join the forum

ViciousAndy said...

lols it's a cute web.

Kellaw said...

good ma get up there. now got new ranking liao

AndyVicious said...


lols, yeah it's a fun site

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