Mar 26, 2009

Felt Something In Between My Seat While Watching Thai Horror 'Coming Soon'

Me and Crazy MJ went to watch 'Coming Soon' at cineleisure just now.

'Coming Soon' is a Thai horror flick about a haunted cinema.

It was kind of creepy because the cinema seats in the movie looked too much like the seats we were seating on...

At one point during the show, my elbow brushed past something that felt like a SHOE (in the space between Mj's seat and my seat).

Must be the guy who sat behind us?

The horror movie could have been screwing with my mind too much.
Maybe what I felt wasn't really a SHOE but instead, the seat itself. I wasn't really sure.

So I asked Mj,
'That guy behind us rested his foot in between our seats just now right ?"

"No? There's no space to put a shoe in between our seats..."

*pauses*(The space between our seats were indeed too narrow for any shoe)

"Okay...I think we better talk about this later..."


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Lisalicious said...

errrr are you freaking sure about this kah

AndyViciousCycle said...

Not very sure...:O

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