Mar 21, 2009

A KL Hotel Haunting...

With the QingMing Festival 清明節 around the corner (April 4) , I would post a series of creepy tales each week till the festival comes to a close.

Here's the 1st ghost story of the week, told to me 1st hand by my aunt, Sally.
My aunt Sally would often visit Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur in particular
, with my Grandma.

Kuala Lumpur, a food & shopping haven, of which for that fact have naturally become a popular a tourist spot. Rumored to be one of the most haunted cities in South-east Asia, many hotels in KL are often plagued with unending reports of encounters with the unexplained.

Here's one of the most recent encounters by my aunt during her trip there not too long ago.

Like any other tourists coming in from Singapore, Sally and her mum(my grandma) checked into one of the hotels the evening they arrived from Singapore. (I will find out which hotel they went to exactly so when you readers go to KL, you will know which hotel to watch out for.)

So after they got their shopping done, it was past midnight. Exhausted, especially my grandma who's overweight, the two of them made their way back to the hotel.

According to my grandma, the corridor leading to their room gave her the creeps. She wouldn't dare to walk through it without my aunt accompanying. She said she would feel like there's something lurking in there.

The elevator was even creepier, because one of the lights at the lift entrance would always be flickering and no one has ever done anything about it.

So two of them were sleeping in their hotel room when something in the bathroom woke my aunt up. The sound of water dripping. It has a certain rhythm to it.

Disturbed, my aunt snuggled up to my grandma, who was sound asleep.

The dripping went on for the next 30 minutes. It wouldn't seem to stop.

Call it the work of the devil. my aunt suddenly felt the urge to pee. Finding it increasingly difficult to control the call of nature, my aunt hesitantly got up and went towards the bathroom door.

The nearer Sally got to the door, the louder and faster the water dripping seemed to get.

It was like it knew my aunt was coming nearer and wanted to play with her.

My aunt finally got to the front of the door, all ready to face it, but not quite.

The dripping of the water was all loud and clear right now, resonating in her ears.

The bathroom door was ajar. It was awfully dark inside. Not wanting to actually see the thing, my aunt planned to turn on the lights, before pushing the door open.

The dripping of the water was awfully distinct. Aunt could practically hear her heart slam against her chest. That, on top of the dripping water.

The area was dead silent, but yet, the sound of the water dripping was awfully loud at the same time. It was like the dripping came from a separate dimension. It had a certain unearthly feel to it.

My aunt was still at the door, half expecting whatever that was hiding in there to burst out of the door and kill her.

With trembling hands, my aunt reached for the door and pushed it open...


The dripping stopped, as if it did so deliberately.
There was a puddle of water under the tap.

Like a nervous wreck, Aunt got in, relieved her self as quickly as possible, flushed, stood up and got ready to leave the bathroom, without looking back.

Just as she was a few steps behind the door, a voice SANG from behind her.

Startled, my aunt let out a scream and stumbled out of the bathroom.

The singing got louder and louder. A female voice.

"What is it?' grandma, now awake, grumbled from the bed.

"Mum! The singing! Heard it?!!"

Grandma paused, and moments later, said "Isn't that Tsai Chin, the singer. From my mp3. I left it there just now. Turn it off!"

Yes, there it was. Grandma's mp3 player playing by itself on the bathroom sink.

"OMG, MUM! Why did u put your mp3 in the bathroom?! U could have killed me..."

No ghost seen, but somehow the radio played by itself. And the water dripping from the tap could be attributed to...a leaky tap?

The next morning, as they were packing up, Grandma couldn't find her mp3 player.

"Sally, seen my mp3 player?"


Flushed it down the toilet.

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Chester Chin said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH...OMG i was seriously laughing my butt off at the end of the story.

You have quite a flair for story writing...and humour! Me like it! :D

Allison said...

haha..this is funny.. me and my friends always tell each other silly 'ghost' stories like this. Maybe we can exchange stories next time :)

AndyViciousCycle said...

@Chester Chin, yay!!!

@Allison; Lols, kk

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