Mar 28, 2009

I've decided to be a different kind of blogger!

For 3 months since I've started this blog, I have been blogging every single day. Some entries are kinda good, some lousy.

They ain't all good. Fun stuff don't come every single day hor...

I've decided to be a different kind of blogger. The type who will only press the publish button only when the entry is SUPERB. I have about 5 entries in my drafts, but 3 of them are bullcrap, 2 of them half completed, so I'm not publishing any for today. This isn't a personal blog, so boring stuff shouldn't surface.

Anyways, the Singaporean blogosphere is getting a tad boring lately...Except the Gary Ng saga. I think that had died down too? Lazy to re-post weird news, let other bloggers do that.

I'm a lazy fuck.(In this case, 'fuck' means 'person'.)

Maybe tomorrow, I'll resume flame-torching local celebs or anything that irks me ... (I'm tired now, just came back from watching 'Shopaholic'. Funny Movie. Better than that fucking 'Pink Panther' and all those 'comedy films' ha.ha.ha.ha. They ARENT funny! Watch Shopaholic. Shopaholic is funny!)

I've got something I found worthwhile but have yet to post it though.

I went thru that post mentally and seriously luffed my ass off. :p
Ah! Maybe it's just me.

Oh and tons of ghost stories un-posted. Can u believe I saw one before?

Anyways, if you wish to be notified of awesome new posts, subscribe or simply...Bookmark. Or follow.

*Resumes to being lazy*

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1 comment:

Lisalicious said...

it will be fun to see your superb posts :)

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