May 1, 2009

Haha! GutterUncensored Dropped by MY Blog

Wow... Singapore's most popular blog GutterUncensored dropped by this small blog of mine yesterday.

I knew it because his profile was be shown on the my 'Recent Viewers' widget. (he logged into his account while surfing)

Why was he here? @@...

Because I once wrote something like " fuck gutter, gutter sucks?"
OMG, I wasn't serious k? Don't hack me. Gutter rocks.

Anyway, school has reopened and I've certain commitments to make. But I'll still try to squeeze in at least a post everyday.

It's Labour Day today! haha, just came back and the heat is killing me.

To those who drop by here regularly, THANKS ALOT !
It's a good to know at least a respectable amount of people do come here.(But v few comments :( Ai yah, such is the case for Tabloid blogs. Most people will just read anonymously)

I'm not all for google adsense or nuffnang now. Realised I've taken down most of my ad units now? I blog for fun.

But if you wanna click on my ads, I'm not stopping you.

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