May 3, 2009

The Old AWARE is Back in Power!

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After the controversial hijack 2 months ago by the Church of Our Saviour(COOS) , the Old AWARE is back in power once again,
"almost six hours after the extraordinary general meeting at Suntec City started."

During the meeting, the members were each updating their twitters and blogs about the progress.

Press cameras were not allowed in but a Channelnewasia reporter managed to sneak in.

"Only ordinary members are allowed to vote. AWARE has 3,000 members, up from some 300 members a month ago.

The vote of no confidence was passed against the new AWARE, Exco with 1414 votes to 761 votes."

Later, the motion to remove the new Exco from office was passed, and the motion to elect a new president was also passed.

Ms Josie Lau and her exco have stepped down.

Former president Dana Lam was elected as the new President."

One Malay Muslim woman said she was not comfortable with an-all Christian and all-Chinese group representing a secular group like AWARE. And members of the Christian faith stood up and said the action of the new Exco set back constructive dialogue between Christians and secularists in Singapore.

Over 90 per cent of the people who spoke up said they were against the encroachment of religious values on a secular space."

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