Jan 14, 2009

Her Vagina Was RIPPED apart by WATER she was enjoying...

A Chinese 19 year old student was enjoying a musical fountain show at Tianyi Sqaure show in Ningbo, China(something like Sentosa Singapore's Musical Fountain) when the accident happened.

According to the report, it seemed that she had SQUATTED above one of the jet sprays of the fountain. As she was enjoying the light bursts of water spraying onto her, a powerful burst of water suddenly erupted from the jet spray, throwing her into the air.

After she landed, she was quite injured...bleeding...

She was then hospitalized and "The doctor said that the fountains water pressure had torn her vagina and damaged her intestines."

She will be suing the fountain owner.

Why was she squatting so near the jet spray in the 1st place? I mean if she wants amusement she can always use something else...

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