May 10, 2009

Who will win S-Factor?


Kay Kay


Or Xue Sha?

I'll say...errr...Kay Kay!

Place your bets.

It's on tonight, 10 pm. (50 mins from now, Blog later)

I may live-twitter the show at 10pm sharp, if your interested:

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

The Media plays a huge role in changing the public's perception on the people they feature. The producers of S Factor - also the producers of Chick vs. Dick - had not done their part to ensure impartiality.

Though I wish to remain anonymous, just a quick note, I had no involvements in the production of the show. But, I plea for all, to view the blogs of Sherine and Holly. Understand that the Media does play favourites, where certain scenes were omitted to demean the girls.

Sherine's blog:


The show's rig. Kindly view the clip on youtube (, fast forward the time bar to 1.19 -1.23 secs. Max mentioned that whoever won the challenge (with the kids) would secure immunity. And, guess never happened. Here's the awful truth. It was an unfair advantage to Sherine. We need Michael Moore to sniff this out.

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