Apr 20, 2009

S Factor Ep3, Sonia Bullies Kris, Holly Wore kinky School Uniform & Blew Sonia Out of the Show

Watch the episode here: Part 1 , 2 , 3

Episode 3 Round Up
On the 1st challenge, the girls had to make the whitish things in a bottle sizzle, put a rubber balloon around the mouth of the bottle, and then JERK the bottle till the balloon erupts.

*raise eyebrows*

Holly Jean, being the most talented bottle jerker, finished the bottle off 1st and received immunity from elimination this week. She was also exempted from the debate.

Holly HAS to be exempted anyway, she's an English teacher! The rest? Wtf are they?

Who likes to see Holly Jean in that school uniform playing with the exploding bottle?

[The Debate: Sonia Bullies Kris while Michelle laughs]
Hmmm...I have a feeling Sonia was just playing up her bitchiness for the sake of good TV.
I wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole if she's really like that in real life.

Kris was up against Sonia, for a debate about "Intelligence in a Woman is more important than beauty."

Sonia, nasty as ever, grabbed the chance to take pot shots at Kris' looks.

Sonia(in the presence of a visibly disgruntled Kris, all the other girls, and the judges):
"Intelligence can be learnt, but beauty is something that not everyone is born with. Kay Kay and Xue Sha are models because they are attractive. But why not Kris? Because obviously she does not have what Kay Kay and Xue Sha have! She is not that attractive compared to the two of them..."

Poor short tongued Kris failed from time to time to retaliate verbally, cracking everyone up with every word she mispronounced.
Kris has a square face. Like Spongebob Square-Face.

Sonia Gets The Boot
Sonia's group(Michelle& Sherine) lost the debate to Kay Kay's group(Kris & Xue Sha).
Holly Jean, who won the 1st challenge, had the power to boot anyone in the Sonia's team out from the competition.
Of course, Holly booted Sonia out. There goes the bitch.
(Note: Sonia will be back in the competition next week.)
Before announcing who she's decided to boot, Holly, articulate as ever , did a grand ol' speech about 'not taking it personally if one gets her boot'. Wow... Channel 5 should just let her host the show already...

After being booted out by Holly, Sonia rolled her eyes and felt that everyone hated her cos she's 'the pretty one'.

Now... MY turn to roll eyes.

Listen BITCH, you are not that pretty okay?

Xue Sha, Kay Kay, Sherine, Holly and Michelle all look better than you do.

Sit at home and cry.

I think you look a bit like a tranny on certain angles.
Esp. the eye brows LOL.
And that incredibly thick make up...
Why your face and neck different colour one?

Sonia's Close Up Vs Thai Tranny Close Up:
(If you happen to be 'confused', Sonia is on the left, Thai tranny is on the right.)

You will never find Kumar and Sonia in the same room at the same time.

Click to do the Poll : Is Sonia Krans From S Factor Hot or does She look like a Total Tranny?

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