Dec 26, 2008

Best/Worst of Blogosphere 2008 & Welcome 2009 !!!

As the year comes to a close, let us relive several of the most memorable/shocking events this year, on the local , regional & global Blogosphere.

1) Edison Chen's Sex Photo Scandal

The Movie Star sent his laptop to a repair shop, without deleting the sex photos of him with
various women, including actresses Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, and Cecelia Chung.

The photos made their way online and became an instant sensation.

Like a huge earthquake with tremendous aftershocks, the photos claimed victims, namely to the ones who starred in it.

Newly married Cecelia Chung went into recluse.

Husband Nicholas Tse became the Cuckold of the year.

And the Cuckold of the Year 2008 goes to....


Gillian Chung stopped performing...

And the main guy, Edison Chen had to pack up and leave for Canada...


Well, moral of the story: Cute guys don't have Big dicks. that's prolly why Nicholas Tse and Cecelia Chung are still together right???

2) Obama'08

Facebook/Myspace? profiles in support of his presidential campaign. As the election day draws nearer, the Internet community was totally CONSUMED with Obamania. Opinion polling on practically every other site. + Endless posts about the soon to be 1st Black president of the Leader of the Free World.

And he won...

Never underestimate the Power of the Internet!!! McCain doesnt know how to use the computer...That's prolly why he lost.

3) Xiaxue Vs Dawn Yang

2 of them are both popular bloggers in Singapore. Then One fine day Xiaxue thought it would be fun to lash out at her rival, mainly poking fun at Dawn supposed heavy use of plastic surgery and her lying about it.

Dawn then filed a defamation suit against Xiaxue. Fearing 'bankruptcy', Xiaxue posted a letter of apology but asserted that she wasnt apologising and challenged Dawn to "Bring It!!!"

Then Blog "The Many Lies Of Dawn" appeared, exposing Dawn Yang for using mulitiple accounts on Cozycots forumz to defend herself and critisise other female celebs. Dawn yang was also found to have plagarised blog entries.

The fire blew over. Dawn headed to USA, but not before going to Sydney...

Her best friend Xiaxue went to Sydney too...

Following that, many other youtubers announced that were going to Sydney as well. There were remixes and all. Fun stuff...

4) Sg "Hunk" Steven Lim looks for a girlfriend, paying $5000 to any girl who's willing

who's this? Your Girlfriend? Ai sio gan mai?? LMAO!!!

As it turned out, it was said that Steven Lim didn't really have 5k to give away. He also reportedly made the girls who went out with him buy things for him.


And he made 'porn' on youtube too! with this girl who..err is as good looking as my butt crack.

Alrites, time for some sweet stuffs.

5) Rinaz's Internet Wedding!
Bold "They met on Second Life, they quarrelled, they met in real life, and they got married"--Mohd Hisham

Blogger Rinaz held her wedding days ago, with a live internet Stream!!!

That's really cool!

6)Vivian Chow & bf Joe Ni's Cheating on FaceBook

Joe Ni hit on girls openly on Facebook,and had cheated on Vivian 19 times in total !

they broke up...

eh wait, Vivian Chow, decided to take him back,

eh wait, she broke up with him again,

eh wait, She's marrying him!!!

Eh wait!! they are already married, 10 years ago!

Wow, i can't keep up

7)City Hall(of Lala Land) Bomb

New Blogger ViciousCycle(That's me!) caused a mini stir when he published a fake news, about a bomb explosion @ City Hall, of Lala Land on his blog.

This prompted sevveral angry netizens to report the blog to the Police.Well, nothing has happened, yet.

The blogger received tons of hate mail. Visits over the few days skyrocketed, as much as 2000hits per day. Blog post went up to the top of


Number 8, 9 ,10
are Left Blank,
for the events I have missed, and for vacancies for the remaining few days before 2009.
Who knows. the next most earth shattering thing might just happen in the course of the next few days. I gotta keep my fingers crossed.

With that, i'd like to wish everyone


May your new year be filled with joy and laughter and most importantly, Success.

Welcome 2009!!!

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Mohd Hisham said...

heya, just to say, although it really is not a big thing, but i do believe the phrase "They met on Second Life, they quarrelled, they met in real life, and they got married" came from me first.

but as i said, its not really a big thing. haha :)

ive meetlittleprincess and her partner in person, they are cool early arrivers. :)

ViciousCycle said...

okay noted,and edited

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